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New Zealanders are spoilt for choice when it comes to foodie inspiration! Several top-notch food and lifestyle magazines are published right here in NZ. Using their recipes, you can take advantage of the delicious wraps and bagels Rebel Bakehouse has on offer. Here is our round-up of the most delicious wrap and bagel ideas from our favourite foodie mags.

Wrap fillings and recipe ideas:

Tandoori roasted pumpkin and chickpea wraps

This vegetarian wrap recipe is tasty and versatile. You can mix this up with whatever seasonal veges you have on hand, or add extra protein with chicken, beef or falafel. This combo would be perfect with our super soft Rebel Sourdough or Gluten Free White wrap!

Try the recipe here

Spicy burritos with mince, avocado and beans

Satisfy your Mexican cravings and enjoy a cheap mince meal packed with protein, veges and spice! This recipe would be delicious with our Rebel Sourdough or Gluten Free White wraps.

Try the recipe here

Roti wraps with falafel, paprika mayo and pickled carrots

This surprisingly easy vegetarian meal can please a crowd or be a delicious dinner for two! While the original recipe uses roti breads, you could use our nutrient-packed Rebel Low Carb Everything wraps as a healthier roti substitute.

Check out the recipe here

Black bean enchiladas

Did you know you can make enchiladas using wraps? These black bean enchiladas are a fantastic Mexican vegetarian option for your next flavour adventure! For an extra veggie hit, use our Spinach wraps or Gluten Free Spinach and Hemp wraps.

Discover the recipe here

Avocado and za’atar grilled chicken wraps

MiNDFOOD has nailed this healthy wrap recipe! These wraps are packed with unique flavours and will make any lunch or dinner better. Enjoy with our delicious Sourdough wrap, or cut down the carbs even further with our Low Carb Everything wrap.

Explore the recipe here

Little ham and cheese wrap tarts

Here’s another cool way to use wraps! In this recipe, wraps are used as a pastry alternative. These tarts would be great with our Low Carb Everything wraps, or you can use our Gluten Free Sourdough and Superseeds wraps as a GF pastry alternative.

Try the recipe here

Slow-cooked corn beef and mustard bagels

This hearty bagel combo is comfort food at its best! Slow-cooked silverside, a tasty dressing, slaw and mustard will definitely have you coming back for seconds. Add a cheesy kick with our Three Cheese bagel or an extra crunch with our Sesame bagel.

Discover the recipe here

White chocolate cream cheese, banana and caramel bagels

If you’re looking for the perfect sweet bagel topping combo, look no further! These decadent bagels will satisfy all of your sugar cravings for brunch or a snack. Our Sesame or Original bagels will make for the ideal base!

View the recipe video here

Build-your-own bagel brunch

We love this crowd-pleasing bagel platter idea! With a mix of sweet and savoury options to satisfy whatever your crew is craving, this recipe is an easy yet impressive-looking way to serve brekkie, brunch or lunch. Use either Original or Low Carb Max bagels for the sweet toppings, and Three Cheese, Sesame or Sourdough for the savoury combinations. 

Check out the recipe here

Bagels with shaved pork, fennel and lime salad

This bagel topping combo pairs the succulence of pork with a zingy salad. It’s super easy and perfect for lunch or dinner! Serve with our Low Carb Max or Sesame Seed bagels.

Discover the recipe here

Bagel chips

Wondering what else you can do with bagels? Try some easy bagel chips! These are especially ideal if you have left your bagels in the pantry a little too long. Once cooked, the chips can be stored for up to one month in an airtight container. You could use any Rebel Bakehouse bagel flavour for this recipe!

Check out the recipe here

Cured salmon bagels with cucumber and coriander salad

If you’re looking for your next foodie adventure, why not try making your own cured salmon! This recipe shows you how to make your own gravlax and pair it with a tasty salad for a winning bagel combination that will impress all of your friends – if you can bear to share! This salmon bagel recipe would be perfect with our Sesame Seed bagels.

Explore the recipe here

There are so many great NZ recipes to choose from! If you’re looking for more wrap and bagel inspiration, our master bakers have created some delicious combinations of our own.

Discover our recipes, tips and tricks here.