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What food dishes can you use wraps for?

Our wraps are incredibly versatile! You could use wraps for three delicious meals per day. Here are our favourite ways to use them:

  • Breakfast burrito
  • Kebabs
  • Pizza bases
  • Souvlaki
  • Quesadillas
  • Lunch wraps
  • Enchiladas
  • Wrap Bowls
  • Grilled chips for hummus and dip
  • Cheese rolls
  • Healthy pastry substitute for tarts and pies

Check out our recipes page for more ways to enjoy your wraps.

What do you mean your wraps won't crack or split?

Our Rebel bakers have carefully crafted a dough that won’t crack under pressure. We put our wraps through a unique “scrunch test” to ensure they won’t split – meaning you can pack more in without them breaking or falling apart. Your burrito filling will go straight to your belly, instead of all over your plate!

What are your Gluten Free certifications?

Our gluten free wraps are tested, approved and certified Gluten Free by Coeliac New Zealand with the Crossed Grain Logo. They have met strict CODEX and US FDA criteria as well as the Food Standard Australia and New Zealand criteria of ‘no detectable gluten’ which is currently measured to less than 3ppm. Rebel Bakehouse has a separate gluten free bakery to avoid contamination, and we regularly test our products for gluten so we can ensure that our GF wraps are consistently safe and high quality.

What are the green flakes in your wraps?

Don’t worry, you haven’t accidentally bought a mouldy Rebel wrap! The green flakes in our Spinach Wraps are just small pieces of spinach. We bake our flavours right into the dough, so you get extra goodness and nutrition with every bite.

What size are your wraps?

All Rebel Bakehouse wraps are 10” in diameter (great for a full-sized wrap or a dinner time pizza) except our Snack wraps which are 8” in diameter (ideal for snack wraps, tacos or kids wraps).

Where can I buy your wraps and bagels?

Rebel Bakehouse wraps and bagels can be found in the bread aisle of all good supermarkets and grocery stores around New Zealand. Check out our stockists here.

Are all of your bagels and wraps made in New Zealand?

Yes! All Rebel Bakehouse wraps and bagels are proudly baked right here in New Zealand. We use locally sourced ingredients where possible.

How do I store my wraps and bagels?

We recommend you store Rebel Bakehouse products in a cool, dry place, like your pantry. Our wraps have a fully resealable pack which keeps them fresh for as long as possible (up to 7 days) once you have opened them.

If you aren’t planning on using our bagels before their ‘best before’ date, you can keep them fresher for slightly longer in the fridge or store them for up to several months in the freezer!

Where can I find the nutritional info for Rebel Bakehouse wraps and bagels online?

You can find the nutritional information for all Rebel Bakehouse creations in the Our Products section of our website.

Are your products plant based and vegan?

Most of our wraps and bagels are plant based and vegan friendly! The only current exception is our super tasty Three Cheese bagel. Rebel Bakehouse can be your go-to plant based or vegan option for a tasty, nutritious brekkie, lunch, dinner or snack.

Are you bringing out any more products?

Yes! Our master bakers are constantly crafting up new ways to enjoy convenient, tasty, nutrition-packed food. Follow our Facebook or Instagram account to be first to find out when a new Rebel Bakehouse product is on its way!

Are your bagels actually healthy?

Healthy bagels are hard to find. That’s why we put our best rebel bakers on the task of creating a low carb bagel that tastes just as good as the chewiest, doughiest bagels around. Learn more about our Low Carb Max bagel with a 5-star health rating here.

Our entire bagel range has a minimum 4 star health rating. Each flavour is packed with protein, fibre and nutritious ingredients to help you pack more health benefits and deliciousness into every meal!

What is Black Garlic?

Super healthy and on-trend! White garlic is slow roasted for around 6 weeks, the result being black garlic, a superfood prized for its distinctive, slightly sweeter flavour, increased antioxidants, anti-inflammation and nutritional benefits.


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