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Rebel Bakehouse’s master bakers have again risen to the challenge in their quest to bring innovation to the bread aisle, this time creating a superfood boost with their new Herb & Black Garlic bagels.

Why Black Garlic?

“We like to offer consumers a twist on the norm so they’re buying something super healthy, unique and on-trend – black garlic ticks all the boxes!”.

“You may ask, what is black garlic? White garlic is slow-roasted for around six weeks, resulting in black garlic, a superfood prized for its distinctive, slightly sweeter flavour, increased antioxidants, anti-inflammation and nutritional benefits.

This bagel is also loaded with herbs, basil, oregano and marjoram and topped with black sesame and poppy seeds – an absolute explosion of flavour all around!

Boasting a four health star rating, this new super bagel joins the rest of our range, all of which are fully sliced, have ingredients baked right through the dough and are plant-based and vegan friendly.

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All fantastic options for a quick and easy, nutritious breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner solution at home or on the run.

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Rebel Bakehouse packing in more goodness and taste for the ultimate breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bake well, eat well, live well