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Media release 30 September 2021

As new research emerges showing a reduction in carbohydrates is key to losing weight, a new low-carb wrap offering is fueling athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the country and is taking NZ’s wellness and nutritional sectors by storm.

A recent study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found monitoring carbohydrate intake may be the key to success in losing weight, rather than just counting calories.

Rebel Bakehouse’s new Low Carb wrap was designed to meet the fast-growing consumer demand for healthier bread options that fuel the body. Featuring healthier alternatives like hemp, poppy, flax, and chia seeds, along with quinoa, wheats, and ryes it also carries a 5 Health Star Rating, meaning it ticks all the boxes for nutrition and taste.

Shannon Cockerill, owner of SCFIT (a personal training and nutrition business) in Taranaki, provides nutritional advice to the Taranaki Rugby Football Union’s Elite Women’s squad and delivers her online group training and nutrition programs across New Zealand. She says it’s almost impossible to find bread products that taste good and meet all her nutritional requirements.

“I’m looking to give my clients healthy food choices that taste unbelievably great and fill the tank while providing a quality energy source. I was so happy when I first tasted the Rebel Low Carb wraps – they’re large and have a great nutritional profile. Being quick and easy to make, they pack in a flavoursome punch and satisfy the taste buds,” she says.

In her work with the Taranaki RFU Women’s Elite Squad, Shannon says she’s looking for food that’s great for busy lives.

“A wrap is a great way to get nutrition in on the go. These girls are busy with work as well as long training sessions, so they need food that’s quick and nutritious, the wraps tick that box, they digest nicely and are easy to transport,” she says.

Luke Rosemergy looks after New Product Development for Rebel Bakehouse and says they wanted to challenge the traditional perception of bread with their new low carb offering.

“Bread has this bad persona around being high in carbs, and we wanted to change that, giving people the opportunity to enjoy bread products without feeling the guilt of eating too much. We did 15 – 20 trials before we landed on our final Low Carb wrap.

“When we first started developing it, there was only one other low carb wrap in the market, and we were sure we could provide a better eating experience than what was currently being offered. Not only does it carry a 5 Health Star Rating, but it is also yeast-free and vegan friendly, which meets the needs of even more people,” he says.

Shannon says the wraps have been a hit on her eating plans.

“They’re incredibly versatile; you can use them as a traditionally filled wrap, or for pizzas, tacos, burritos, and desserts. I can’t wait to explore what else I will create with them for future meal plans,” she says.

Rebel Bakehouse’s wraps are available in supermarkets nationwide. You can find out more about the product here. More information about Shannon’s online training & nutrition group programs can be found here.

Discover the Rebel Bakehouse wraps and bagels here!

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