Our Wraps

01B Rebel CricketWrap
Cricket Wraps

This is a buzz! Our cricket flour is milled from LOADS of sustainably farmed crickets. They’re bred for it! High in complete proteins, nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals, cricket flour tastes a little nutty and earthy. Crickey!!! Crickets breed even faster than rabbits so turning them into flour is being a responsible rebel.

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02B Rebel HempWrap
Hemp Seed Wrap

This is the good oil! Hemp seed flour is high in amino acids and Omega three, the healthy fat. The green colour comes from the natural chlorophyll found in plants. Packed with protein and fibre, hemp seed flour is a sustainable way to boost your protein intake. Hemp seed flour is blended with other flours to make a tasty wrap. Wrap’em your way.

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03B Rebel PurpleCornWrap
Purple Corn Wrap

The Incas loved this stuff! Purple corn or maiz morado comes from the Andes region. That purple colour means it’s jam-packed with antioxidants and one of nature’s richest sources of anthocyanins. More so than blueberries. So this little wrap is going to do a heap of good fighting off your hunger and those pesky free-radicals. It’s more mello than yellow!

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04B Rebel SpinachWrap
Spinach Wraps

The sailor man got it right! Spinach is a powerhouse of goodness. It’s packed with more essential minerals and vitamins than you can tattoo on your arm. Spinach is also low in fat, low in calories, and has zero cholesterol. With a healthy dose of fibre and flavonoids, spinach can also keep your digestive system healthy. Be strong to finish with your spinach!

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Our wraps are available at good supermarkets and food retailers. If your local does not stock our wraps go on, get rebellious and let them know or flick us an email.