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Rebel Bakehouse’s new ‘HAPPY GUT’ wraps, beneficial for your gut, with prebiotic fibre for healthy gut balance.

Rebel Bakehouse’s team of bakers have again risen to the challenge in their quest to shake up the bread aisle, this time breaking wrap boundaries with the creation of new Happy gut wraps, beneficial for your gut and for the wrap category.


Wholegrain prebiotic goodness

The new Wholegrain Prebiotic Goodness wraps are packed full of the flavour and goodness of wholegrain, seeds with a twist of prebiotic fibre for a happy gut, unique new wraps for the growing Wholegrain/Seeded wrap segment. Boasting a 4 Health star, plant-based and vegan-friendly these wraps have it all.

Low carb spinach wraps

Filling the gap for a Spinach wrap in the Low Carb segment, the fastest growing segment in wraps at 12% growth, Rebel’s new Low Carb Spinach wraps have 32% less carbs with the added benefit of prebiotic goodness for a happy gut. With a 4.5 Health Star, plant-based and vegan-friendly these wraps tick all the boxes.

Why prebiotics?

Products that nurture gut health are trending globally. Prebiotics (fibres that feed healthy gut bacteria) help maintain a balanced gut and keep you regular, our Rebel bakers have found a way to capture these successfully in our wraps so they not only taste great but promote a happy gut!

Rebel’s bakers don’t just bake, they innovate and create and are determined to stay at the leading edge of trends, watch this space for more innovation from the Rebel team.