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Media release 10 December 2021

With a meteoric rise to over 80 per cent dominance in the NZ gluten-free wrap market in just two years, Wairarapa’s Rebel Bakehouse is doubling down on its commitment to producing NZ’s best gluten-free bread products.

The brand, along with Cottage Lane, is operated by parent company Breadcraft, which opened its separate, bespoke gluten-free plant in 2019, after an intensive set-up process. Launching its carefully developed gluten-free and vegan wraps shortly after, the Celiac and the gluten-free community responded immediately, with Rebel’s wraps quickly achieving 83 per cent of market share.

Mike Fisher, Breadcraft General Manager, says Rebel Bakehouse is committing to the development and innovation of gluten-free products as core business going forward.

“Rebel Bakehouse has excelled in the gluten-free segment, and we’re excited about where we can take this,” Mike says.

“The health and wellbeing categories continue to grow, and gluten-free, vegan-friendly products are part of this, so we are ensuring a clear focus on this area and putting further resources into it.”

Breadcraft is investing and concentrating on its flourishing specialty category products, predicting growth in the gluten-free market, even with competitors entering the wrap segment.

“We continue to dominate in gluten-free wraps, even with other players entering the field. This indicates the wraps really are the best out there, as they continue to be the go-to in supermarkets with a continued strong following on social media,” he says.

Product Development Manager Luke Rosemergy says gluten-free doesn’t have to mean compromising on taste, texture, or any other aspect of a traditional wrap.

“We carried out a detailed development process to get everything right, from taste and mouthfeel to nutrition, texture and pliability,” he says.

“We ensure all our formulations have the perfect blend of gluten-free flours, gums & other functional ingredients. We use the latest in enzyme technology to ensure we achieve the freshest feeling product whilst maintaining good eating qualities.

“Making wraps that are both gluten-free and vegan present their own challenges but the feedback and continued strong market growth in such a short time shows we’re getting it right” he says.

Rebel Bakehouse gluten-free products are independently tested and meet New Zealand and Australian standards, which are the strictest gluten-free requirements in the world. They are available at supermarkets across New Zealand.

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