Breakfast Torpedo With Black Beans

Spinach Wrap

08 Spinach TorpedoBreakfast

On the go, versatile wrap with good fibre and protein. Vegetarian option – delete bacon.

Makes six – plus leftovers


Rebel Bakehouse Spinach wraps
200-300g Organic haloumi
6-8 Rashers of streaky bacon
2 Medium tomato
Couple of handfuls baby spinach
8 Free range eggs
2-4 Tbsp cream – depends on your preference
1 Can black beans
Hollandaise (optional)


Grill bacon rashers and then chop into small strips. Cut haloumi into 1cm thick slices, grill on both sides and then cut into strips (these are sprinkled through the wrap for flavour and texture bursts).

Cut tomato in half – remove core and seeds and then cut into thin batons.

Beat the eggs and cream together, add a pinch of salt and then scramble to medium firm and set aside to cool.

Rinse, drain and pat dry the black beans so there’s no unwanted moisture in the wrap.

To Wrap

Lay a tidy bed of spinach in the middle of the wrap, lay black beans on top of spinach, then a line of scrambled egg (not too thick as the wrap will get too fat). Place some tomato strips along the wrap, sprinkle bacon and haloumi strips along the length of the wrap, drizzle with hollandaise if that’s your thing, then place some spinach leaves on top.

Roll it nice, tight and small for your torpedo. This should be easy to eat with the haloumi and bacon in strips. The spinach assists in maintaining the torpedo shape during the eating phase.

A good start to the day.

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Tips & Tricks 

Some like it hot

If you like it hot, any one of these options to warm up your wrap will do nicely:
Chuck your wrap in a hot pan long enough to have’em exactly the way you like’em.
Put’em in a sandwich press, count to five, ready.
Bang in a microwave, 10 seconds on high and bingo, you’re on.
Wrap in foil and cozy-it-up in a pre-heated oven, at 180’c for around two minutes.
Toss on the bbq hotplate for a mo’.

Left over wraps? No worries

Store in a cool, dry place. Want to keep longer? Flick’em into the freezer.


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Feeling rebellious?

Give the next wrap in the range a go. All different, all delicious.

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