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A winner for those wanting some extra protein and fibre after the gym.


4 Rebel Bakehouse Spinach Wraps

400g Firm tofu – cut into thick strips

Miso Glaze:
1 Tbsp miso paste
100ml Rice wine vinegar
60ml Reduced salt soy sauce
1 tsp Brown sugar

2 Cups black rice – uncooked
½ Cup corn kernels
½ Cup edamame beans
½ Cup mung beans
2 Spring onions
1 Small red capsicum
Handful of baby leaf spinach
Optional – fresh coriander, red chili, toasted sesame seeds

Makes four – plus leftovers


Miso Glaze
Mix ingredients well in a small bowl, brush the glaze on tofu and set aside.

Separately, cook the black rice, corn and edamame beans and mix together in a bowl once cooled. Add roughly chopped mung beans, finely chopped spring onion, diced capsicum, and baby leaf spinach (whole or sliced). Add optional herbs and sesame seeds, dependent on taste.

Heat nonstick pan to medium high. Add dash of oil and then cook tofu until brown on each side (3-5 mins). Continue brushing the tofu with the glaze during the cooking process. Put tofu aside once cooked.

Deglaze the pan with the remaining miso glaze and pour into a bowl to cool – this is used to lightly dress the black rice salad.

To Wrap
Make wrap into a cone shape, (or wrap traditional method), fill cone with the lightly dressed salad and tofu strips – then plate artistically and enjoy. If wrapping traditionally you can line the wrap with spinach leaf for further texture and look.

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