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Purple Corn Wrap

06 PurpleCorn Cumin

This purple creation is packed full of antioxidants, low fat ingredients and full of flavour. Make’em slice’em and serve when friends come around for a healthy delicious alfresco treat.

Makes four - plus leftovers



8 Free range tenderloins
1 Tbsp oil
1-2 tsp cumin (depending on your taste)


2 Cups sliced green cabbage
1/2 Cup fine chopped roquette
1/2 Cup fine chopped green kale
1 Spring onion
1 Courgette
3/4 Cup mint
3/4 Cup parsley
3 Tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds
Option – add crumbled feta to own taste


½  Cup coriander
½  Cup mint
Juice and zest of ½ lemon
½  Clove garlic
¼  tsp Dijon mustard
½  tsp honey
¼  Cup virgin olive oil



In a bowl mix tenderloins, oil, and cumin – set aside until room temperature BBQ, pan fry, or bake until cooked but tender.


Finely slice the cabbage, spring onion, kale, roquette and put in a bowl. Add grated courgette, chopped mint and parsley and the roasted pumpkin seeds – add crumbled feta to taste, if that’s your thing. 


To make the dressing – put all the ingredients into a small mixer or blender type machine (nutribullet) – blitz until super smooth (1-2 minutes). 

To Wrap

Spread salad base in middle of wrap, place 2 tenderloins on salad and top with more salad. Drizzle with the dressing and then ‘wrap, plate, eat, repeat’.

03 Rebel PurpleCorn

Tips & Tricks

Some like it hot

If you like it hot, any one of these options to warm up your wrap will do nicely:
Chuck your wrap in a hot pan long enough to have’em exactly the way you like’em.
Put’em in a sandwich press, count to five, ready.
Bang in a microwave, 10 seconds on high and bingo, you’re on.
Wrap in foil and cozy-it-up in a pre-heated oven, at 180’c for around two minutes.
Toss on the bbq hotplate for a mo’.

Left over wraps? No worries

Store in a cool, dry place. Want to keep longer? Flick’em into the freezer.


04A Rebel SpinachWrap
Feeling rebellious?

Give the next wrap in the range of four a go. All different, all delicious.

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