Recipes & Tips

Each Rebel Bakehouse wrap is a bit like a craft beer or a good wine, its unique flavours deserve to be perfectly matched with some pretty tasty food. So, we have come up with some special recipes that perfectly match the distinct flavour of each wrap with a combination of ingredients that make your taste buds jump for joy and are great for your body. Made for rebels from all walks of life we made our wraps for everyday rebels, meet some of them here.  


Cricket Wraps

02 Cricket Beetroot Salmon
Beetroot Cured Salmon.

The naturally ‘nutty’ flavour of the cricket flour wrap, will match nicely with the cured salmon and the pistachio nuts.

Ash digs a good BBQ, anytime.

Cricket flour wraps with BBQ lamb are his go to.

01 Cricket BBQLamb
BBQ Lamb with Cumin Yoghurt Dressing.

Lamb coated in a sumptuous cumin and yoghurt dressing, easy to make hard to resist.

Hemp Wraps

Active A
Fern goes healthy, every time.

As she puts it, hemp seed wraps with organic haloumi are simply to die for.

03 Hemp Haloumi
Organic Haloumi and Roast Vegetables.

Vegetarian, with high fibre wrap and high protein vegetables, low fat.

04 Hemp Lamb
Lamb Kofta and Tabouli Style Salad.

High Fibre wrap with a high fibre salad and lean meat, great for when your mates come around, or when it’s your turn to cook for the family.

Spinach Wraps

07 Spinach BlackRice
Miso Glazed Tofu and Black Rice Salad.

A winner for those wanting some extra protein and fibre after the gym.

08 Spinach TorpedoBreakfast
Breakfast Torpedo with Black Beans.

On the go, versatile wrap with good fibre and protein. Vegetarian option – delete bacon.

Milla thrives on proper breakfasts.

Spinach wraps with black beans are a must have for her.

Purple Corn Wrap

John is a keen Baker.

His wrap of choice is the purple corn with a Cajun chicken.

05 PurpleCorn Cajun
Cajun Chicken or Turkey.

High Protein, low fat and the antioxidant qualities of purple corn.

06 PurpleCorn Cumin
Cumin Coated Chicken with Green Super Slaw.

Packed full of antioxidants, low fat ingredients and full of flavour.