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  • Who is Rebel Bakehouse? Shape Created with Sketch.

    Breadcraft are the wise bakers behind Rebel Bakehouse. Established in the Wairarapa in 1942, Breadcraft has always had a passion for doing things differently. So, it’s not surprising that 75+ years on our bakers are still innovating. Much has changed, but our commitment to good, honest ingredients, great taste and awesome value remain the same. As always, it’s served with a big slice of aroha.

  • What do you mean your wraps won't crack or split? Shape Created with Sketch.

    Unlike a lot of the other wraps, we put our wraps through the “scrunch test” to ensure they will not crack or split when you use them – meaning you can pack more stuff in without them breaking or falling apart. 

  • How are crickets good for the environment? Shape Created with Sketch.

    Insect protein, like crickets, produce only 1% of the greenhouse emissions that cattle do. It takes 1L of water, 1,700 grams of feed to produce 1kg of crickets – compared to beef that uses 22,000L of water and 10,000 kg of food.

    Our rebellious insects also take up significantly less land.  With the world’s population predicted to increase to 9.7 billion by 2050, and freshwater and land becoming more finite, consuming a sustainable protein source such as crickets are good for the planet!

  • Why is Hemp so good for you? Shape Created with Sketch.

    Hemp seed is a complete protein source containing all nine essential amino acids – which can’t be produced by the body naturally and need to be consumed via the food we eat. Relatively few plant-based foods are complete sources of protein, making hemp seed a valuable addition to a vegetable-based diet. Hemp seed is especially rich in an amino acid called arginine, which has benefits for heart health.

  • What’s the big deal about purple corn? Shape Created with Sketch.

    Purple corn (also known as purple maize) is native to the Andes region, now known as Peru. Ancient rebels still grow purple corn.  Packed with antioxidants the deep purple shade in the corn indicates high levels of phytonutrients – rich in antioxidants which can prevent cell damage - purple corn has 14x more antioxidants than yellow corn. Purple corn is also high in fibre, 100 grams of purple corn contain 7g of fibre.  Foods high in fibre can support normal bowel health, control blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels.

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Do check in with our rebels if you have any other questions.

You can give them a yell on 06 370 0260, or drop-in at facebook.com/rebelbakehouse.


Our wraps are available at good supermarkets and food retailers. If your local does not stock our wraps go on, get rebellious and let them know or flick us an email.